Recently Rachel( my partner chef at the club) and I submitted an entry for Clubs NSW Chef’sTable 2011 competition. Today I got a phone call to say that we were throught o the final 12. So excited when I got the call. I was very surprised as I didn’t think part of the entry was as good as it could have been.
As yet we haven’t taken any photos, but we will be practicing over the next few weeks so will have a chance to get some then.

How the competition works…
Chefs at clubs in NSW form teams of 2 chefs, they then submit a 3 course menu for 24 people with a food cost of $18.00 per head ex GST. There is also a kitchen innovation component as well. Our menu is quite simple but lots of flavours going on.

This year there is a compulsory ingredient, which is mushrooms, specifically agaricus(buttons, cups and flats etc). This ingredient had to be used in at least one of the courses. The teams submit their menu, which is then assessed and judged to get the final 12 teams. These teams then select a date for the practical part of the competition which is cooking lunch or dinner(chefs choice). Then the judges award the points and winners are announced in May at the ClubsNSW Awards for Excellence. The winner then goes on to compete in the National Clubs Chefs Table competition.


First course:

Watermelon, Persian fetta, pistachio and mint salad with

olive dust and rose water. (This was from the Tasmanian dinner we had at the end of last year).

Second course:

Slow cooked angel steak, pea puree, mushroom pannacotta with red wine jelly, mushroom beignets and jus.

Third course:
Brioche and pecan bread and butter pudding, maple reduction, mascarpone ice cream, pecan praline.

This is the second time I have competed in this competition and I am very excited to have gotten through to the finals. It is quite a tough competition but well worth the effort. The day I submitted the menu I felt a sense of relief to have gotten the whole thing done on time.

So wish Rachel and I lots of luck as we go up against some other great Club chefs from all over our state.

Thanks for dropping by!!! V