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May 2013

Beetroot Glaze

For the Henschke dinner I made this beetroot glaze to go with a stuffed lamb loin. As the lamb was quite fatty, the acidity in this beetroot glaze went really well with it and

cut through the fat. This is a recipe I have adapted from Masterchef tv show.

Stuffed lamb loin, rosemary and parmesan pommes anna, beetroot glaze
Stuffed lamb loin, rosemary and parmesan pommes anna, beetroot glaze


100g Beetroot, grated (I like finely grated, however coarsely grated is good too)

50 mls Port

50g brown sugar

40 mls sherry vinegar

40 sherry, pedro ximenez if possible

1 bay leaf

Place the brown sugar in a heavy based saucepan and caramelise slightly over medium heat.

Add remaining ingredients, reduce heat and simmer until the beetroot has softened and is cooked through. The liquid should have reduced to a thickish syrup.

Keep warm and serve with your desired meat.


Penfold’s Wine Dinner

May 1st was our second wine dinner for the year at the Club. This time we chose Penfold’s and show cased some of the Bin Range. Considering the crazy Autumn weather we have been having here in Sydney I planned the menu with a cold starter before moving on to some heartier dishes that are a bit more filling and appropriate for the season..

Penfold’s Bin Range was established by Max Schubert in the image of his legendary Grange. From the Penfold’s website…:

‘Max Schubert believed that Penfolds needed wines crafted in the image of his legendary Grange. “Not the same,” said Max, “but similar.” Penfolds had long maintained a system of numbered ‘bins’ in the cellar where the finest wines, often for the exclusive enjoyment of the company’s directors, were stored. Max happily used this system to give clear and well defined identities to the new wines he was planning, starting with the famous Bin 28 of 1959.’ 

‘The range has grown and evolved since those early days and now includes some of Australia’s most highly sought after wines and their annual release has become one of the most eagerly anticipated in the wine collectors calendar. While there will only ever be one Grange, Max’s conviction that the Penfolds approach of sourcing the best fruit from the finest vineyards to marry regional and varietal character to the distinctive Penfolds style, maintaining an unwaveringly high level of quality, lives on in the impressive range of Bin wines. Many of these wines have long and proud histories, while others are newer adherents to that same ideal, but all of them share one thing in common. They are all classically Penfolds.’

In March Penfold’s released the 2013 Bin Range, whites from 2012, reds from 2010, 2011 and 2012. For our event we had the following wines Bin 51 Riesling 2012, Eden Valley, Bin311 Chardonnay 2012, Tumbarumba, Bin 407 Cabernet Sauvignon 2010, Mystery wine was Bin 150 Shiraz 2010, Marananga(Barossa Valley sub region). For dessert we had a great port Penfold’s Bluestone Grand Tawny.

Entree was a seafood terrine inspired by one of my favourite recipe books and one of our favourite, although sadly closed, restaurants Banc. Layers of prawn, scallop, balmain bugs, tomato, roasted capsicum and leafy herbs, set in a crystal clear stock, with a fine leek exterior. Went superbly well with the 311 Chardonnay.

Scallop, prawn and Balmain bug terrine
Scallop, prawn and Balmain bug terrine

Main course was a slow cooked Wagyu beef cheek, roasted garlic and parmesan puree, with the vegetables from the braising. Sauce was a reduction of red wine and the cooking juices from the braise. Well matched to the Bin 407 Cabernet Sauvignon.

Slow cooked beef cheeks, roasted garlic and parmesan mash
Slow cooked beef cheeks, roasted garlic and parmesan mash

Dessert was a seriously rich, yet light as air, steamed chocolate pudding with maple syrup anglaise, toffee strawberry, and toffee walnuts. Amazing with the Bluestone Grand Tawny.

Steamed chocolate pudding, maple anglaise, toffee strawberry and walnuts
Steamed chocolate pudding, maple anglaise, toffee strawberry and walnuts

Great reaction from our diners. I was a bit worried about what they would think of the terrine but it was well received with many positive comments. Over all a wonderful night.

Our next dinner is in June, alas I will be in New York, but I have left a menu that has two items from myself and the dessert by our Sous Chef Vince which is being used in the upcoming Clubs NSW Chefs Table competition that he and our apprentice Richard entered and got through to the finals.

Thanks for dropping by!

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