While the idea of and early arrival is good in theory, the hours before check in to your hotel can be very long.

This year is the first time I have flown in to Haneda airport, in the past it has always beeen Narita. I was a bit worried about getting in to Shiodome from Haneda but truth be told it was super easy. Hop the monorail to Hamatsucho, short walk to Daimon Toei Oedo Subway station then Next stop Shiodome. Which meant I was at the hotel just around 630am.

Seeing as I had so much time, I jumped on the Yamanote line to Nippori, had a coffee and snack at a Tullys, then decided to check out Yanaka. I only spent and hour there but will need to go back for more exploring. It is currently Ajisai(hydrangea) season and I was amazed to see some different varieties in the street gardens.

I walked back to Nippori and its famous Fabric Street. A whole street. With 100 shops selling everything you could need for sewing. As I was too busy looking at shops I only got one photo. You could do a lot of damage to your purse here if you sew.

Looking along fabric street before opening time.

After 3 hours it was time to give the feet a rest and head back towards the hotel for lunch prior to official check in. I found a little theme restaurant called Kaiju Sakaba, (monster bar)based on amonster from Japanese TV shows.  Think Ultraman and similar shows from the late ‘60’s and the ‘70’s. Delicious lunch and cute monsters.

Then back to the hotel where my room was ready. After a six hour nap, (I know right naps are short, but I only had about 2-3 hours sleep on the plane), I needed dinner. A quick walk to Ginza, where I enjoyed a Hibiki 17 year old whisky before grabbing a couple of items at a conbini for a light dinner, plus a little something for a night cap.

Night cap – Asahi peach flavoured and Suntory grape flavoured, light alcohol beverages

And that wraps my first day in Tokyo.

Thanks for dropping by!!