At work we are having a Penfold’s Wine night in early September. My suggestion for the dessert is a Maple and Pecan Bread and Butter Pudding using BRIOCHE instead of normal boring white bread.

Rather than buy the brioche we will be making it. On Friday at work I got a batch started using the recipe from the June issue of Australian Gourmet Traveller. We got busy at work so no time to finish it off. Got the first rise out of the way and after we put everything away and washed the benches down I quickly needed the dough, formed it and put it in the tin. Wrapped it well in Glad Wrap, got out of my chef whites, put it in my backpack and went to catch the bus home.

By the time I got it out of my bag at home it had risen again. Quite surprising really as it was quite cold waiting for the bus and then the bus had only minimal heating on. Turned the oven on, heated it up, cooked my dough and voila 38 minutes later a gorgeous loaf of Brioche.

Of course R wanted some straight away with butter(he loves bread hot from the oven). He wasn’t too keen on it straight from the oven but he loved it Saturday and Sunday lightly toasted with butter and strawberry jam.

I am hoping to try a different recipe at work Wednesday just to compare. Yes I collected a ‘few’ more recipes for brioche. The internet is an amazing resource for recipes.

Will post on how my second attempt turned out later.