Well all quiet in this direction. However in the past four weeks we have  eaten out five times.

We went to Wildfire for lunch one Sunday and went for dinner at Tabou on another Sunday.
Wildfire. Always good for the churrasco. This was the first time we had been to Wildfire for Sunday lunch. We had churrasco again which was great as usual. A  bottle of Chandon Rose, nice drop and then we spotted Dom Perignon(our favourite) sold by the glass!! So no dessert for us  just 2 glasses of Dom. Apparently they have some capsule that will keep Champagne fresh for up to 3 weeks. An open bottle of champers would never last that long in our house.

The Chandon Rose..

 Can you tell I love Dom Perignon?

Then a week later we went for dinner at Tabou in Surry Hills. Slightly disappointed this time round. Food was good service was a bit lack lustre. We always BYO to Tabou and it seemed that people who ordered wine were topped up quicker than we were. Maybe they didn’t like our bottle of Moet. Hopefully service will pick up again and the food return to it’s previopus best. But we did enjoy what we ordered.

This past weekend we went to ECQ bar for drinks and then on to Sailors Thai in The Rocks on the weekend. My first visit there but R has been there several times for business lunches. Really enjoyed it. But I love Thai food. Great service and great food. Our wine order was put through wrong and we ended up with a bottle of Paul Bara Champagne instead of a Loire sparkling.  The three dishes we had were: spicy southern curry of suzuki mulloway; twice marinated red curry of grilled spatchcock with pickled ginger; braised tasmanian grass fed beef ribs dressed with lime, green chilli and shallots(hungry just thinking about them). Will definitely be going back.

Then Sunday we headed up to Katoomba for an over night stay at Lilianfels. As we had a late check in we had lunch at Echoes Boutique Hotel and Restaurant which is next door to Lilianfels. We both had a very nice Confit Duck Risotto with mushrooms, a fabulous 1/2 bottle of Henschke 2006 Euphonium, followed by a selection of Australian cheese(we ordered a one person size and there was enough for two, so great value). Then we checked in to Lilianfels at 3. Wandered around, played pool and relaxed until dinner. Dinner was noisy with screaming children and unfortunately the menu seems to have been dumbed down from it’s usual high standard. Read very much like an RSL bistro menu. But it tasted good , but plain fare. Unfortunately the fine dining is closed on Sundays so we missed out on dining there. We did notice that Swiss Cottage is now open on Sundays so we will probably dine there in future, or go in to Echoes. Breakfast was also a bit disappointing with a 10 minute wait for a seat and then no scrambled eggs until we had been there 20 minutes, and no strawberry jam for my croissant. Cappucinos and Lattes are now extra. Such a change(and not a good one) from when we first went there 5 years ago. Back then there was the buffet and you got to choose one a la carte item cooked freshly for you.  I remember last year when we went that there was such a line up to get in for breakfast that we ended up just checking out and having McDonalds.

One good thing was we saw a few snow flakes falling, and at 1130 when we were leaving it was only 3 degrees celcius.

So this weekend will be a stay at home one. Hopefully no rain so I can light the BBQ for a change.

Catch you soon!