The price of mangoes is dropping now as they start to enter their season. This has bought to  mind a memory from when I was young. Dad’s brother Rex used to live in Far North Queensland for many years. Around late November Dad would get a call from the railway station to advise him that there was a delivery waiting for him to pick up. Off we would go to the station to pick up a crate approx 80 x 80x 40cm. Inside was a treasure trove of mangoes and pawpaws. Unfortunately I wouldn’t eat them. My brothers and parents would devour them with glee. Now of course I wish I had tried them back then.

So bad was my aversion to mangoes I would not even drink orange and mango juice.

It took me until I was in my 20’s before I actually tried one. Now however it is a different story. Come the warmer months, I actually get cravings for mangoes. The scent of a perfectly ripe one will send me in to a bit of a buying frenzy. We will have mangoes nearly every night when they are at their best. Nothing fancy just nice simple chunks of mango. Should I have a couple of passion fruit in the bowl I will sometimes spoon them over the mango for a touch of tropical bliss. Shame we are eating them in an inner west suburb of Sydney and not on some far tropical beach, swinging in a hammock with a cocktail in one hand. Mmmmm cocktail with mnagoes, time for a google search on that one I think.

Well I’m off to get a mango!