Growing up in a country town meant lots of school fetes, corner stalls and other fundraising activities. Days would be spent making all manner of sweet delights to contribute to the cause. One of the easiest by far was sherbert. Remember those little sachets of fizzy, tingly goodness with the plastic spoon? Or the little marshmallow cones with a bite at the end? That’s what I am talking about. Four ingredients and a bit of sifting et voila, sherbert.

Living in the country we didn’t have access to the little cones to make our own sherbert cones. We improvised with the normal sized ones, a lot more sherbert and a lot more marshmallow. We even made our own marshmallow to top the cones. Nan got the  sherbert recipe from Robyn Stuart who was a lovely lady who lived 2 doors down from Nan. I only just managed to find the recipe again after Nan thinking that she didn’t have it. So on a quiet night at work I whipped up a batch.

It looks suspiciously like something illegal (would like to see the drug squad analyse it if they found it).LOL

1 cup icing sugar
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp citric acid
1 tsp tartaric acid

Sieve all ingredients together three times until well combined. Place in to sachets with a little spoon or spoon in to mini ice cream cones and top with home made marshmallow sprinkled with hundreds and thousands

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