There is a little problem I have when shopping for measuring cups and spoons. In Australia we have standard sizes for our measuring utensils, elsewhere in the world they vary from ours. I have often been looking through the kitchen shops and stumbled upon some really nice measuring cups or measuring spoons only to find that they are not Australian standard sizes. I must say there have been many nice sets out there that I have had to sadly leave in the shop.

Cuisipro Australian Standard spoons

So on the subject of Australian standard measures here they are:

1/4 teaspoon = 1.25ml

1/2 teaspoon = 2.5ml

1 teaspoon = 5ml

1 dessertspoon = 10ml

1 tablespoon = 20ml

1/4 cup = 60ml

1/3 cup = 80ml

1/2 cup = 125ml

1 cup = 250ml

But wait there is more confusion ahead. The above weights are for liquid measures, what if you need a cup of flour, sugar or other dry ingredient? Recipes in modern cookbooks now use weight rather than a volume measurement for things like flour, sugar, breadcrumbs.

Here are a few samples:

1 cup of:

Flour (plain or SR) = 125g

Sugar (white or caster) = 220g

Brown sugar (lightly packed) = 155g

Honey = 350g

So even though the volume is the same the weight differs by ingredient. Perhaps the easy way out is to have a set of measuring spoons and cups that are Australian standard and then a second set for measuring recipes from books that weren’t written for the Australian market. Also a good set of scales is a worthwhile investment. Some chefs and cooks now even go so far as to weigh their liquids.

There are many websites that will do conversions for you and some helpful cooking ones that have charts with the different measurements as well. Below are a couple of favourites:–Conversions/ViewAll.aspx

Good luck with your baking and may all your cakes rise!