Arriving in New York this year it was, thankfully, not quite as hot as when we went last year. I was able to get my bag rather quickly of the carrousel and straight out to the cabs, where, unexpectedly there was a very short queue. 30 minutes later I arrived at the Waldorf Astoria, met Mr. CA4G, freshened up and then we hit the sidewalks. Always great to walk around a city after 20 hours in a plane.



We were decidedly peckish so really needed to find some where to eat. Our first choice, a restaurant that we went to last year in Villard Mansion, was sadly closed due to renovations to the building.


Walking through the Rockefeller Centre we discovered Brasserie Ruhlmann. Named after Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann a legendary French designer, whose concepts and craftsmanship epitomize the glamour and style of the French Art Deco era, Brasserie Ruhlmann pays homage to this early 20th-century icon and the art-and-intellectualism era of the Parisian brasserie.


Headed by respected chef Laurent Tourondel, Brasserie Ruhlmann serves modern versions of dishes that are reminiscent of his French homeland.

We settled on burgers for our dinner. For Mr. CA4G a Black Angus burger topped with gruyere cheese and for myself a lobster and shrimp roll seasoned with a curry mayo. Served simply on wooden boards with paper lined tin cups to hold the chips. Of course a good burger requires a glass of Moet.



Such a joy to be able to sit outside for dinner, especially when you have a lingering sunset and twilight. The first of many great meals during our 4 week trip around the world. Bon Apetite!