Sunday in Tokyo saw me have a bit of a sleep in and lazy morning. It was just after 12 when I finally got to Shimbashi Station via Starbucks. My itinerary for the day was to visit Akihabara, Koishikawa Korakuen Garden and Rikugien Garden. This meant I got to travel on some new (to me) subway lines and suburbs. I am always up for adventure!

First stop was to be Akihabara. In all the trips to Tokyo I have not been to Akihabara, so it was time to venture there. I was on the hunt for an adaptor as I had forgotten to pack one and seeing as Akiba is nicknamed Electric Town I figured it might be a good place to get one for a reasonable price.

I got sidetracked in one building with 10 floors of anime, electronics, models, toys, games and all sorts of geekery. Then some time in little alleys where there were probably enough electronics components to fit out a space station. Saw several Maid Cafe girls trying to get customers in, a sprinkling of Cosplayers too. No luck with an adaptor so it was time to hit the subway again.

After arriving at Koishikawa Station I popped in to a Lawson Store and picked up enough things for a little picnic and continued on. Koishikawa Korakuen Garden is located next to Tokyo Dome, however the entrance is about 10 minutes walk from Tokyo Dome as the garden is over 70,000sqm.

After having my lunch I strolled through this fabulous garden with the sounds of the crowd cheering on the Yomiura Giants who were playing at Tokyo Dome.

A good hour and a half later I was back on the train for my next stop Rikugien.

Another fabulous garden from feudal times. I love reading the stories of the gardens and how they developed, and were altered  over the centuries.

My visit to Rikugien was short as I arrived in the last hour of opening, but it was sufficient time to enjoy the beauty it held with in its walls.

Thanks for dropping by and come back again for the next (delayed) update on my visit to Tokyo last year.