The night before my departure from Tokyo I spied a glass exhibition around the corner from my hotel. Sadly it was closed the day I was leaving and all I was able to see was the items in the window display.

Glass exhibition in Ginza

I also tried my first can of SLAT, a Japanese low alcohol drink. Would have been very refreshing on a hot day.

My first taste of Slat

The day of my departure I checked out and with hours to spare I trekked over to visit Meiji-Jingu, a regular departure day event for me. This year I was interested to see how work had progressed on redoing the copper roofs of the shrine precincts. I also like to pay my respects and say a little prayer to return to Tokyo. It was amazing to see how the copper that had been placed when Mum and I visited in 2016 had weathered.

And that was my quick visit to Tokyo.

Two days after arriving back in Sydney it was time to move out. Most of my packing had been done, I had moved what I could over previous months and it was mainly the big things left in the house. Mum and Dad came down to help me move up to their place.

Work has finally started on the estate where I will be building and hopefully I will be able to start building in October.

In the mean time I have another trip planned to Tokyo leaving on Thursday. A little longer this time and I am hoping to head out for a day of hiking around Mt Takao, 55 minutes from Tokyo.

So pop back to see where my feet and the Tokyo trains take me.

Thanks for dropping by!!