Cooking Across 4 Generations

Using recipes collected from 4 generations of one family


Cooking at home

Easter Cake

A bit of family tradition I have missed over the years was the Easter Cake. Each year Mum would make a cake and decorate it with chocolate eggs and little fluffy chickens. While shopping before Easter I stumbled upon the fluffy chickens and decided to bake a cake. I was being a bit lazy so bought a cake mix, Devils Food Cake from Duncan Hines. Al lthe measurement were in Imperial so I had to do a little conversion before starting the cake. I was happy with the result of the cake.

I also made a ganache to ice it using Lindt 70% dark chocolate and thick cream( the type you dollop and is 45%fat). So rich and practically set just sitting on the bench.

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Along with the fluffy chooks, I also finished it with Kinder bunnies, Lindt bunnies and caramello eggs(too sweet). As there was only myself and Mr. CA4G at home, I took the rest of the cake in to work and shared it around. Mr CA4G’s Easter eggs are still uneaten, I think the amount of chocolate in his two slices of cake was sufficient for 3 months.

Do you have a family Easter tradition?

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Dinner at Home

I was feeling like cooking something a little more special for dinner on a recent day off so decided to do a two course dinner for Mr. CA4G and myself.

Had a cauliflower in the fridge so I knew I wanted to do a cauliflower souffle with a blue cheese sauce. That sorted out the entree.

Cauliflower souffle with roquefort sauce
Cauliflower souffle with roquefort sauce

I also wanted to tweak the pistachio crust for our upcoming wine dinner at work, so decided to crust a pork fillet with it, along with Hasselback potatoes and asparagus wrapped in Jamon Serrano. Just a quick sauce of reduced stock with a French Merlot that happened to be open.

Pork with pistachio crust, hasselback poatoes and asparagus wrapped in Jamon
Pork with pistachio crust, hasselback poatoes and asparagus wrapped in Jamon

The asparagus wrapped in jamon is nice and easy to do and makes a fancy accompaniment to a meal. simply trim your asparagus, lightly cook and then refresh in iced water. Remove once chilled and the dry on paper towel. Lay your slice of jamon (or proscuitto) out fold in half along the length, place asparagus at one end and roll tightly. Place on lightly greased oven tray and bake until jamon crisps up and asparagus is hot. My rolls had 6 spears in them.

Asparagus wrapped in jamon.
Asparagus wrapped in jamon.

Sometimes a little treat of a two course meal at home is called for and this hit the spot.

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