A bit of family tradition I have missed over the years was the Easter Cake. Each year Mum would make a cake and decorate it with chocolate eggs and little fluffy chickens. While shopping before Easter I stumbled upon the fluffy chickens and decided to bake a cake. I was being a bit lazy so bought a cake mix, Devils Food Cake from Duncan Hines. Al lthe measurement were in Imperial so I had to do a little conversion before starting the cake. I was happy with the result of the cake.

I also made a ganache to ice it using Lindt 70% dark chocolate and thick cream( the type you dollop and is 45%fat). So rich and practically set just sitting on the bench.

photo (3)

Along with the fluffy chooks, I also finished it with Kinder bunnies, Lindt bunnies and caramello eggs(too sweet). As there was only myself and Mr. CA4G at home, I took the rest of the cake in to work and shared it around. Mr CA4G’s Easter eggs are still uneaten, I think the amount of chocolate in his two slices of cake was sufficient for 3 months.

Do you have a family Easter tradition?

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