Having “foraged” quite a few passionfruit over the past 2 weeks, I thought I might make a souffle. Usually I make a strawberry one but any fruit that makes a puree is suitable. Also it has been too long since I last made one.

The recipe I use comes from a book called The Essential Dessert Cookbook from Murdoch Publishing. As it is just the two of us I generally divide the recipe in half, which is easy to do with this recipe.  I decided to keep some of the seeds(okay quite a few) in the mix and strained the rest through a sieve. Not quite enough so had to bulk it up with some milk. It really is the simplest souffle recipe to use, being a roux with fruit puree, sugar and egg whites. I tend not to use the full quantity of sugar but taste the puree first to see how sweet it is and then add the sugar. Sometimes it will be just a little sugar added and sometimes a bit more is required.

These are my ‘foraged’ passionfruit. There is a vine that comes out across the footpath when I go to Woolworths and there are often several just lying in the gutter and many squashed on the road….

Not quite enough for the recipe, time to add extra liquid….

Basic roux….

Gorgeous colour highlighted with the black flecks….

Time to get it in the bowl before adding the egg whites….

Egg whites added and into the souffle dishes….

And 25 minutes later, think I should have used the smaller souffle dishes….

To finish them I just sprinkle a little icing sugar on them and serve with whipped cream. (Sometimes I splash out and get a tub of King Island cream). The souffles were quite delicious and would have gone nicely with a glass of sticky wine.

Until next time.