We got our invites from MLA Grazing Club for another Masterpieces lunch, this time to be held at Pony in the Rocks. The day turned out to be sunny but a little cool but just right for sitting out on the verandah at Pony. I haven’t been to Pony for a couple of years so it was good to head back to see what has been happening there.

To my surprise one of the apprentices I used to work with at Star City was attending and also one of our former chefs from the Club. Good to catch up with them. Also attending were some guests from the US.  Chefs Anthony Jacquet of Whispers Lounge in Los Angeles and  Kristina Vanni of Terraces Winery, had won a burger competition run by MLA in the US. Also along with them were 2 of the judges chef Rick Gresh from David Burke’s Primehouse at the James Hotel, Chicago and Chandra Ram from Plate Magazine. There were in Sydney for three day experiencing several of our great restaurants and then there were headed to Adelaide for a cook off against Aussie chefs. They also got to see several farms and wineries on the trip.

On to the food.

I love getting the new Chef’s special when it comes out….


The Menu….

Two of our entrees….

Twice cooked short rib of beef, bone marrow, eschallots, parsley and capers…. 


Marinated flank grilled on the wood fire, grilled pears, mesclun, fetta and walnuts

Diners on the table, Rick Gresh and Chandra Ram in the front….

The other end of the table….

There was dessert but something happened to it before I could take a photo….

So another great lunch organised by the MLA team show casing what chefs are doing with the masterpiece cuts. It was also great to meet chefs from another part of the world and talk about what is happening in the culinary scene in America. Should I get to the US I know a couple of restaurants I will be heading to.

Thanks for having a look! Catch you next time.