Yesterday we went to our non local, local for lunch. Bistro Moncur is the kind of restaurant that you feel is your local even if you have to go 5 or 6 suburbs to get there. We wish we had a restaurant like this with in walking distance, but alas we don’t. Generally we will bus in to the city and then walk out to Woolahra from there.
You may remember from a previous post that R and I went to Moncur Terrace a few weeks ago. That visit Bistro Moncur (downstairs) was quite busy and decibel level was a bit high, so we ate upstairs in the Terrace. Yesterday however it was a bit quieter so we decided to eat in the Bistro(great having a choice of two dining areas). First thing to sort out was what to drink. We decided to splurge a little yesterday and ordered a bottle of Perrier Jouet Blason Rose. Gorgeous colour and very tasty. I decided to have a dish of Ballotine of Barossa chicken spiked with basil pistou, crisp skinned pork belly, house pickled turnips, brocolini, baby potatoes and creamed parsnip. R had Panfried Spanish Turbot with green beans, King Edward potato, pickled cumquat and a broccoli heart puree. We decided to skip a dessert and instead had the cheese selection with Holy Goat Skyla, Rouzaire Camembert, and Strzelcecki blue served with house made quince paste and great tasting lavosh.

R’s Turbot with a bit of mine in the background….

As usual a great meal. We have never been dissapointed with any of our dining experiences at Bistro Moncur or Moncur Terrace. Always great service and food.

Dinner was a quick and easy Tandoori chicken and selection of naan from another of our favourites, Faheem’s Fast Food in Enmore.

We were lucky to find one of our favourite champagnes, Heidseick and Co’s Monopole, back in stock at  Vintage Cellars in Newtown. It went down quite well and hopefully Vintage Cellars can restock it again soon, as we got the last bottle on the shelf.

That wraps up another Sunday of dining out.

Tomorrow I am off to Pony with the MLA for another Grazing Club luncheon, really looking forward to that.

Catch you soon!