This is a question I invariably get asked when ever someone finds out I am a chef. This usually causes me to pause and try to think of an answer. Most of the time I just say one thing I like to cook and then change the subject. So what do I like to cook the most? I really like to cook desserts and sweet things.

But I also like to try cooking new things that I may never have tried before. For example one of the chefs was sick on Saturday and the macarons needed to be made for the show dinner. Having never made them before, I decided to jump in and give them a hand by making the macarons. Wow they aren’t that scary to make, although they don’t compare to what we had a t Laduree in Tokyo they were still pretty good.

I also used to be a bit wary of souffles but heck now I will cook one up if I feel like it. Same with brulee, love knocking up a batch at work. Even molecular gastronomy techniques are something I want to try so who knows, on one of the menus for our wine dinners there may be something a little scientific(really want to try some’caviar’ making). I guess you could say I really like to cook things I haven’t tried to cook before. It gives me a challenge and sense of achievement.

I also really like to cook the things my Grandmother and Mother taught me. I sometimes have an urge to bake, but there being only two of us a whole cake is excessive, so I usually put it on hold. I could say as an answer to the question, “I really like to cook things that I was taught by Mum and Nan and things I haven’t yet tried.”

Another comment that usually gets directed to Rene when someone finds out a I am a chef is “wow so you must eat really well at home having a chef for a wife”. Unfortunately poor Rene doesn’t always get a restaurant quality meal. When chefs get home we usually like to keep it a little more simple and basic. Rene would probably get more exciting things if I didn’t work nights, so he gets lots of stir fries and pastas that are quick and simple for him to reheat. There are three nights a week where I am home, so then I get to do things a bit more complicated for him.

So if you meet me please don’t ask me what I like to cook. You know now.

Thanks for dropping in!!