Recently our friend Helena asked if I would like to accompany her to a cocktail party accessories styling session at the new Louis Vuitton Maison here in Sydney. As I have been waiting for a special occaisson to visit the new store this seemed the perfect opportunity.

Our friend the uber stylish Helena

The new Louis Vuitton store has only been open a couple of months and provides a stunning claasy backdrop to showcase the brands luxury accessories.  Rene and I visited the Singapore Maison at Marina Bay Sands in January and I have to say that I prefer the Sydney Maison. The Singapore Maison is fairly open plan and your eye tends to get distracted, while the Sydney Maison is more intimate, with individual departments more seperated and you can focus on the department you are in.

Canapes were delicious with my favourite being paper thin slices of cured beef wrapped a round morsels of buffalo mozzarella. Presentation was immaculate, trays were squares of polished black stone with the interlinked LV monogram in one corner. Champagne was Veuve Clicquot in magnums. I pity the poor waiters who had to lug those around the room to top glasses up. We did our best to help reduce the weight in those bottles. Of course the glasses were Reidel etched with  Veuve Clicquot. I love a nicely etched glass. Just wish we had thought to take some photos of the canapes.

Romy Frydman of Style Me Romy, styled and presented a selection of  accessories and clothes from  the Louis Vuitton S/S collection. Several pieces caught our eyes including a pair of shoes(now residing in my closet) and a pair of retro styled sunglasses(which I needed for our trip to New York next month). Still contemplating the suitability of a tiara for day wear but it was a nice bit of whimsy.

Styling session Romy Frydman and model

Styling session ROmy Frydman and model. Wondering if this bag is ok for carry on.
Romy Frydman and model

It was great to see a larger selection of watches and jewellery from LV on display. Not only do they have the standard collection in store, but several times a year they have a ‘trunk’ show come to our shores with high jewellery and watches. Scarves were artfully displayed tied over a frame which made it easy to view them up close and  get a feel of their drapability. I swear there are more shoes now than were previously displayed in the old store and the clothes department is spectacular( ask for Frank or Amy). Rene was particulary taken with the bespoke shoe service for men and the Louis Vuitton push bike.  Knowing Rene’s love of shoes and watches it will only be a matter of time before he picks something up for himself. I also got to try on some gorgeous items from the collection.

A slice of shoe lovers heaven
Fashion heaven
Modelling my new shoes
Modelling my new sunglasses. These are going to be fab in NYC.
Love this dress.

After a fabulous night all that was left was to go home and relax. Congratulations to Louis Vuitton Maison Sydney on the fabulous new store and thankyou for a wonderful night!