On a recent Sunday morning we had breakfast and in a fit of spontaneity decided to take a drive to the Hunter Valley. In anticipation of our annual delivery of wine from Lake’s Folly we decided to drop in and taste what we would be receiving this year. Luckily our favourite Lake’s Folly staffer, Roger, was on hand during our visit.

Lake’s Folly Cellar Door
Cellar door
Cellar door

Our annual delivery consists of 4 bottles of Chardonnay and 8 bottles of Cabernets. Having a visit before the delivery date allows us to get a taste of what is coming and to have a chat about the vintages and the wines currently in the cellar for future release.

After tasting what we would be getting this year, 2011 Chardonnay and 2010 Cabernets, both of which we are looking forward to trying again when they are delivered, Roger took us out the back to taste this years vintage of chardonnay and cabernets.

This was to be an interesting taste. We were able to sample the 2012 vintage being matured in barrels of three different ages(ie new oak, 1 year old oak and 2 year old oak), this was a first for us. We started with the wine in the 2 year old oak, this was light and had a pleasant floral aspect on the nose with no evidence of oak characteristics and the butteriness often associated with chardonnay, was not particulary present. Loved it! Then we tried the chardonnay from the 1 year old oak, this was still quite light, the floral aromas weren’t as prominent and the oak characteristics were just evident on the nose with a slight butteriness  on the tongue. Finally we tried the chardonnay from the new oak, WOW, the oak characteristics are stronger and the butteriness quite prominent but not in an unpleasant way. This was my favourite. It was a real treat to experience how oak age affects the wine. If I could have a couple of bottles from each barrel age I would be happy. I am really looking forward to see how the 2012 vintage is after it has been blended and left to age. Only have to wait a year!

Chardonnays in a row, Roger and myself. 2 year old oaks in front of shot, 1 year olds mid shot and new at back by the wall
I’ll have one of each. Amongst the chardonnays

Then we tried the 2011 cabernets. This has been in cask for just over a year and will be next years release. This looks like it is going to be another great wine when it has fully developed and we are anticipating its arrival next year.

Just a little bit of red. Some of the 2012 vintage resting, and waiting it’s turn.
Cabernets 2012 vintage

So we couldn’t leave without making a purchase and took the opportunity to grab a magnum of 2009 Cabernets. This was a great drop and the chance to get a magnum of it couldn’t be missed.

We highly recommend a visit to Lake’s Folly when you visit the Hunter, but be warned they sell out quickly and close when the current releases have sold out.