Today in Sydney we have a fog. A foggy morning always brings back memories of when I was a teenager. We had a great bakery in my home town and before breakfast I would usually ride around to get some freahly baked bread and sometimes a boston bun.

My favourite days to do the trip were in winter when a thick fog would be happening. A fog so thick you could only see 5 metres in front of you. Not like the fog we are having today which is a bit too thin for my liking. It was only a 5 minute ride to the bakery, but it was a cold 5 minutes of cycling. But when you got to the bakery, the ride through the cold was quickly forgotten in the warmth of the bakery with the aromas of  freshly baked bread wafting around. Then it was a quick decision of which loaf to get (high top, tank, normal, etc) get it sliced, and then pedal back home again and help Mum make our sandwiches. 

Mr Ledger was the baker and Mrs Ledger sold the wares from his ovens. Breads were layed out on long tables which were later replaced with basket shelves. Bread was sliced when you bought it. Sometimes if I was early enough I would be able to watch Mr Ledger mixing his final batch of bread.

My favourite breads were the tank and high top, mainly because they were a little different to the plain sandwich loaf. The boston buns had real jam and a good lot of nuts, finger buns had fruit and THE best icing, and the hot cross buns were out of this world and only available in the two weeks before Easter.

As much as I appreciate Baker’s Delight, I miss a good country bakery. I also miss a good, thick country fog.

Thanks for dropping by!.