One final item I prepared using the fresh truffles recently was a roast chicken with truffles. This was another thing I have read about and wanted to do try for some time.

I am not going to specify a size for the chicken, as we are a two person household I only buy a smaller size 12 chicken. This recipe needs to be started the day before you want to cook it, this allows for the truffle to infuse the meat of the chicken.

1 free range organic chicken

20 gr Truffles, sliced (If using a larger bird, use more truffle)

60 g Butter, softened to room temperature

Salt and pepper

Wash your chicken inside and out. Dry with paper towel.

Gently separate the skin of the chicken from the breast meat.

Lay the slices of truffle over the exposed meat.

Form the butter in to two oval shaped pieces and lay on top of the truffles. (Alternatively you can finely grate the truffle into the softened butter and mix together before forming it to place on the chicken.)

Gently settle the skin of the chicken back over the butter/truffle. Truss your chicken with butchers twine.

Place in to baking dish and then cover securely with cling film and leave in fridge over night.


Remove chicken from oven ½ an hour before you want to start cooking it.

Preheat oven to 220C.

Remove the cling wrap and season the chicken with the salt and pepper. Drizzle with a little olive oil, place in oven and cook according to the size of chicken you have used, or until the juices run clear when tested.

After, love how the truffle is visible through the skin
After, love how the truffle is visible through the skin

Serve with your favourite vegetables and some gravy.

You could just use chicken breasts that have the skin on and place the butter under the skin the same way as the whole chicken. Just a quick seal in a fry pan before finishing in the oven would be a good idea.

Mr CA4G takes his own lunch to work so this week he had some rather decadent truffled chicken sandwiches.